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The Rio Affair
(A Thriller)
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"An irresistible debut from a promising new voice. Highly recommended."

"An explosive thriller that never loses sight of real life."

Publisher's Weekly - "EDITOR'S PICK"

Micah Barnett was born and raised in a small town in the mountains of western Montana. He now lives with his family in Los Angeles where he works in the film business, chauffeurs his kids to sports practice, pursues an obsession with surfing and wakes up early each morning to write novels. 

     Turquoise waves crashed on white sand beaches. The winding beach path hummed with tanned bodies as they reveled in their daily exercise. Rising from the beach was a forest of stylish 60’s era high rise apartments interspersed with the occasional vine covered stone mansion dating back to the Portuguese. But the most striking element were the granite mountains that loomed over it all. Like living, breathing stone sentinels that regulated the throbbing pulse of the city below. Even their names were magical. Páo de Açúcar. Corcovado. Pedra da Gávea. 

            After only a few minutes it was easy to forget that the outside world existed.  Suddenly, thirty years later; I understood how my father was able to disappear and never look back.                                                                         

From "The Rio Affair"

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"By the time he’d finished his coffee and a breakfast of banana and the last of the mahi-mahi that he’d caught yesterday; he had a plan. He was a man of plans. The plans didn’t always work as expected, but they bought him time. Time to make the next plan. And then the next. So on and so on. He’d lived his entire life like this, one plan to the next. This current plan however, it was a big one. It was the plan to end all plans." 

From "The Rio Affair"


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